Nick Atkinson

Director – Internal Audit

RSM Tenon

Testimonial_Yolanda Rubner_NA.pdf Testimonial_Yolanda Rubner_NA.pdf
Size : 6.567 Kb
Type : pdf

Sue Rubenstein

Founding Director

Foresight Partnership

Former Non-executive Director NHS Haringey

Testimonial _Yolanda Rubner_SR.pdf Testimonial _Yolanda Rubner_SR.pdf
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Type : pdf

Dr Peter Homa CBE

Chief Executive

Dr Jocelyn Cornwell

Director of Policy and Development

Commission for Health Improvement (CHI) 

Appreciation_Yolanda Rubner_PH_JC.pdf Appreciation_Yolanda Rubner_PH_JC.pdf
Size : 302.59 Kb
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Ian Wilson CBE

Interim CEO (2010/2011)

NHS Haringey 

Testimonial_Yolanda Rubner_IW.pdf Testimonial_Yolanda Rubner_IW.pdf
Size : 82.437 Kb
Type : pdf

Dr Yasmin J Drabu

Medical Director (until 2006)

North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

AWA Professional of the Year 2004

Testimonial_Yolanda Rubner_YD.pdf Testimonial_Yolanda Rubner_YD.pdf
Size : 66.921 Kb
Type : pdf

Steve Graham OBE

Director of Corporate Services

Commission for Health Improvement (CHI)

Testimonial_Yolanda Rubner_SG.pdf Testimonial_Yolanda Rubner_SG.pdf
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