To be effective in managing governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), your organisation must be able to define and understand acceptable risk tolerances, manage those tolerances, and optimise or find value in risk avoidance. 

Lykos Risk Solutions adopts a unified approach to interrelated tasks and events, including among other things:

risk management

policy management

compliance management

business continuity management

audit management

incident/event management

Lykos Risk solutions can help your organisation with:

Board Assurance: Establishing, defining and creating systems for updating your Board Assurance Framework

Risk: Establishing, defining and creating mechanisms to record and act on risks. We can assist in identifying areas of weakness and enhancing your organisation's systems and controls to facilitate growth. We do this by turning your risk assessments, complaints, claims and audit outcomes into a useful risk structure to join up teams and processes dealing with risk with the wider organisation. We can also provide an independent clinical opinion in clinical negligence cases.  

Compliance and regulation: Adopting a proactive approach to addressing regulation and its impact and so minimise risk of regulatory fines or enforcement action. We can help you develop and implement  a risk-based compliance control framework and monitoring programme. We can also help you with ‘Authorisation’ and assist in dealing with enforcement action and remediation.

Governance: Corporate governance (which encompasses Turnbull Combined Code and Companies Act 2006) as this becomes ever more firmly a board and management agenda item.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA): Lykos Risk Solutions are expert in applying root cause analysis to solve all types of problems. We can help your team investigate errors, defects, failures, losses, outages and incidents. We also provide training in the use of RCA tools and techniques.

Training: Lykos Risk Solutions offers tailor made training to sub-Board senior managers and middle managers. Our aim is to ensure that staff who are required to implement Board decisions impacting on GRC, understand the relevance of GRC and why it is important to you.  Staff have the freedom to learn in their own way and their learning is designed to be experiential, ensuring their experience is positive and you gain maximum value from your CPD/training budget.

Mentoring/Coaching: A Lykos Risk Solutions consultant can be provided as a sounding board mentor for an individual manager. The context does not have specific performance objectives and so the manager can choose whether to take any advice offered. Coaching is also available, to impartially direct a manager to an agreed end result. The coach will strategically assess and monitor progress and give advice for effectiveness and efficiency focused on improvement in behaviour.

Patient and public experience/involvement: Is your organisation prepared for HealthWatch? Subject to the passage of the Health and Social Care Bill, the Department of Health will allocate funding for Local HealthWatch, NHS complaints advocacy and, potentially, PCT deprivation of liberty safeguards from October 2012. At Lykos Risk Solutions we recognise the importance of the patient and public facet for effective risk mitigation. We offer patient and public involvement (PPI) services such as mystery shopping, discovery interviews, design and facilitation of surveys, patient diaries and stories that provides insight into the patient and public perspective of your organisation. We help organisations close the loop by linking PPI intelligence with their risk structures.


Please feel free to contact us at Lykos Risk Solutions to arrange a no obligation exploratory meeting to see how we can help you.