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Risk management is the cornerstone of growth...and supports effective decision-making.

A common malaise reported by regulators assessing medium and large enterprises is that the 'head is disconnected from the body' of the organisation. The Board may have a clear strategy, yet senior management do not have the support, experience, capacity or tools to translate strategy to tactics, leaving front line staff unable to optimise implementation.

If this sounds familiar, please feel free to contact us at Lykos Risk Solutions to arrange a no obligation exploratory meeting to see how we can help.

Lykos Risk Solutions have carefully selected and developed strong working relationships with leading independent experts. Our network of associates exists to provide a flexible skill set to add to the resources of our core consultancy team.

We work hard to ensure that  the standard of our associates reflects the same high level of quality we strive to achieve, as our associates are an extension of our core team.

If you would like to learn more about our associate network or discuss working with us we would be very happy to hear from you. Simply use the 'contact us' form, call or email us.


Yolanda's expertise is in diagnosing the causes that lead to organisational and operational risk, governance and compliance gaps and designing, developing and implementing fit-for-purpose systems, processes, policies and structures to bridge the identified gaps.

Lykos Risk Solutions was established by Yolanda after a long and industrious service in the NHS. She started her professional career as a Podiatrist; and in 1994, led her team through a successful competitive tendering exercise to build a highly effective foot health service that delivered over 100,000 podiatry appointments a year. 

Yolanda began the risk and governance part of her career at the Commission for Health Improvement which was the first NHS Regulator. She has since worked at an Acute Trust taking forward their clinical and corporate governance and preparing for their Foundation Trust application.

Yolanda was seconded to 'Training for Innovation' to carry out project work around the use of technology in NHS training. She has lectured on ENB (nurse training) courses and is a qualified health educator.

Her final role within the NHS was working for a Primary Care Trust, strengthening their assurance, governance, risk and compliance infrastructure. She was also responsible for de-commissioning the Primary Care Trust, in response to the NHS White Paper. 'Liberating the NHS'.